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GWC 511-20015 GSE Cable Retraction System

SKU: 511-20015 $443.00

The Cable Retraction System (CRS) offers all the perceived benefits of wireless systems at a cost that is less, in the long term, than conventional extension cables and is more reliable than either. The CRS keeps the communication link off the ground and free from becoming entangled or overrun. Unlike other cable reels, the CRS does not incorporate brushes or similar rubbing contacts for electrical continuity that wear or become contaminated, resulting in compromised communication quality and expensive maintenance and delays. Instead, the CRS utilizes a patented, continuous, hard-wired connection that has no rubbing or sliding contacts. The CRS also includes our exclusive Break-away Cable that protects both the aircraft and the CRS from damage due to over-extension of the retractile cable. In addition, the quick connect feature of the Break-away Cable facilitates instant, in-service, repair of the most common failure of ground-to-cockpit communication systems, which is damage to the connector that plugs into the aircraft. In most cases, simply replacing the Break-away Cable will return a system to service, saving costly downtime and delays. The CRS is compatible with all ground support headsets.