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Maxon UDM-240ZH Wireless Speaker Microphone / Intercom

SKU: UDM-240ZH $116.10
The UDM Series provides both mic to mic and/or repeater mode communications. Ideal for dispatch centers, toll booths, small offices, electrical/tower crews, tow-truck/sanitation trucks, or anywhere you need to stay connected and need a tough wireless mic to communicate. When our UDM System’s UDM-240ZV repeater is tethered to your vehicle’s mobile radio or office base station, the UDM-240ZH palm mic can function as a tough, wireless PTT mic for the mobile up to 320’ away. While in wireless communication with your mobile radio using one PTT button, you will also have the ability to have a private conversation to other UDM mics 160’ away from each other on a separate PTT button through its “Intercom” mode.

2.4 GHz ISM Band Zigbee Wireless Protocol
Communicate up to 320′ Between ZH Mics & ZV Repeater
Communicate up to 160′ Between ZH Mics
Intercom Capability Between ZH Mic units
Repeater connects to all Major Brands of Mobile Radios
Dynamic Group or Individual Selectable Calling
Operating Time up to 8 Hours
Adjustable Audio Volume
Desktop Charger (optional vehicle mount)
Displays Channel & Volume Status
Earphone Jack (ZH) 3.5mm
Group/Individual ID Mode Selectable
Separate Mic Gain & Audio Adjustments on ZV
IP-67 Rating
1 Year Warranty